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Hydrotherapy can decrease recovery time from surgery, enhance cardiovascular fitness, and improve joint pain through low impact exercise.


Advances in veterinary medicine have been incredible in the last 20 years. One of the most recent advances has been in the area of physical rehabilitation. The benefits of human physical therapy have been adapted to meet the needs of our cherished companion animals. Research indicates that loss of muscle mass begins 24 hours following surgery or serious injury. When rehabilitation is delayed, stiffening of the joints and loss of muscle tone and control occur. Our goal is to minimize the recovery period of your pet as well as increase mobility and overall quality of life. The hydro treadmill therapy allows the body to bear less weight in the water which reduces the load of painful joints to permit comfortable exercise. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial for weight reduction, arthritis/degenerative joint disease, sporting injuries, spinal conditions, and body conditioning in athletic working dogs.

How does water therapy work?

We use warm water in the underwater treadmill during therapy to help relax and stretch the muscles, and water jets to help stimulate circulation and further increase relaxation during a long exercise. To ensure progress and tailor the therapy to your pet’s needs, parameters need to carefully be adjusted per patient such as water depth, turbulence, speed, directions, and temperature. We will create a plan specifically for your cat, dog, or other animal and work with them to achieve their therapeutic goals. 

With advanced equipment and progressive methodology, we are committed to providing the best possible water therapy for your pet. Every test, decision, and treatment is customized to the specific needs of your pet so that they can manage their condition or recovery and live out their happy, healthy life.